Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It started as a trainwreck...

Sometimes irony, is just too ironic.

I first found Casey Serin and his dreadful plea for sanity, via the (RIP) old trainwrecks site.

I loved the trainwrecks site, it gave me a quick link to the weird, the awful, and every now and then the wonderful. (Whirlygurl I think you rock, but hey you want to stay private). Trainwrecks disappears thanks to the hidesous Heaven Nose. No links for that site, as it appears to be written by a total psycho, WHO MAKES NO FREAKING SENSE WHATSOEVER.

Casey I've watched on and off switching from bemusement, to contempt, to pity, to disbelief, to WTFOMGGETAJOBULOOSER, yet he keeps blogging. Every now and then I expect the punchline to be posted, but it will probably just twitter out to nothingness. Hey who knows the fucker might get a job. HAH!

An interesting drama is unfolding with the SerinBlogWars. Chief antagonist seems to be Nigel Swaby. As far as I can work out he's a petty little nobody that wants to be part of the cool kids. Cool kids seems to be the posters at Exurban Nation. Stuff at Exurban is sometimes funny, sometimes downright disturbing. WTF, people are stalking Casey? Isn't this what he wants, the infamy, the attention? As far as I can tell Nigel is running 3 or more blogs that are pro Casey but Anti Rob Cote. He's not even good at the internet insults is Nigel. He's failed to mention Hitler, Chuck Norris or anyone's Mom. Seriously give it up Nigel, and move along. The one that 'spoofs' Rob Cotes site is kinda sad. He really reminds me of an old flatmate - aka Peabody, cus he was such a contemptible little twat. Yes twat, the worst thing about living with Peabody was the feeling of contempt you had to deal with every day.

There's also the commenting blogs. Regular Exurban posters, plus all the ones that just try and back on to the extra traffic that come from linking inside a nasty dirty little Blogowar. And do not forget the morons trying to leverage their latest multi layered marketing scheme on the world.

Seriously they are all mostly fucked.

And the worst thing, it's so fucking awful you just can't look away.


Aspeth said...


I personally could never understand why Nigel thought it could possibly help his career as a mortgage broker to be associated with the likes of Casey Serin.

After all, Nigel doesn't run funny/kooky/observational blogs; they're all an attempt to drum up business in one way or another (and I think, at last count, Nigel was running 9 blogs)


flailing forward said...

That's what keeps us addicted, the saga always has a new nugget of retardedness to give. But you're right, at the end of the road, we're all going to be a little dumber from having been in contact with him.

I found out about trainwrecks from IAFF. RIP, trainwrecks, thank you for showing me the horror that is mothering.com. Heavens Nose, suck a Nigel.

Nigel's Guest Blogger said...

Think about what Nigel is. A late 30-something person who recently found a career as a mortgage broker.

Before that, pin salesman. Reeks of another "Entrepreneur" who wasted away prime earning years chasing the ghost of quick and easy money and filled time with odd retail jobs.

He doesn't have much to say (Paraphrase! Paraphrase! Paraphrase!) so why wouldn't he link up with someone like Casey? His own kind...

My point is this is mostly algae caused by the sun.

Torcie said...

Aye, Nigel is indeed the worst character in this whole debacle. Casey is who he is, never been anything more, although he tries to pretend to himself, but Nigel is truly a piece of work.